Giving Minerals and Supplements to Your Livestock

We all need salt and other minerals to stay healthy. That goes for our animals too. Fact is animals in the wild know how to find salt and other minerals. They’ll even imprint the location of that mineral into memory. Livestock don’t have that luxury, so it’s up to all of us to provide it for them.

To ensure your animals receive a balanced diet, nutrients from manufacturers such as Vitalix are pressed into tubs, formed into blocks, and available in bags. These include mineral tubs, mineral blocks, salt blocks, salt and mineral blocks, and salt rocks that can be mixed with feed. Tubs weigh anywhere from 15 to 200 pounds depending on the animal and application.


An animal that receives all the necessary nutrients, including protein, is both happy and healthy. Adding salt to their diet can increase appetite, encouraging twice the weight gain as animals fed no sodium chloride. This weight gain can translate to better breeding and more profits overall.

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