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Located in CALIFORNIA, USA CenzoneTech along with its research team of animal nutritionists, zoologists, immunologists and microbiologists, foresaw the danger present in the proliferating use of antibiotics as well as the negative impact that contaminants would have on overall health.

using modern technology and sophisticated technology, application of near-perfect processing equipment, all natural ingredients combined with organic, fully guarantee the scientific formula of high-quality products, strict quality control to production, finished goods through scientific validity of animal testing. And closely follow the application of science and technology, it's Cenzones' research & development team sacred duty by closely follow the application of science and technology.

Based on Cenzones’ pioneering biotechnological leadership, modern cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, state-of-the-art scientific research facilities and clinical efficacy trial and studies throughout the world, sales of these innovative all-natural animal feed additives have grown worldwide and include distributors in over 70 countries.

Cenzone has become one of the largest premier probiotic companies on the western coast of United States with branch offices in Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, China, Japan and Egypt.

In 2002, Cenzone's was also the first yeast culture company to be approved by the European Union (EU) to distribute Yeasture-W as a performance enhancing feed additive for cattle, poultry and swine. Formal approval was granted after subject to a rigorous accreditation procedures with the European Union, under registration number 11148/22-3-2002

It is Cenzone's mission to naturally enhance the health, growth and overall performance of poultry and livestock in the agricultural industry

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