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Unique combination of 4 types of microencapsulated bacteria with enzymes for the preparation of all types of silage


  • Shortening of the aerobic fermentation phase is achieved

  • Reducing mold growth 

  • Rapid drop in pH in silage

  • Reduction of losses in dry matter and protein

  • Increase in true protein in silage

  • Better digestibility and taste of silage

  • COLOR Nutritional value of silage

  • Reduction of losses during fermentation

  • Reduces spoilage after opening silo

  • Increasing milk yield and better growth.


  • 250 grams per 10 tonnes of green mass - corn

  • 250 grams per 5 tonnes of alfalfa or grass silage (Dissolve 250 grams of CenSil in 100 to 200 liters of water)


  • Store in a cool place, protect from light,

  • Keep out of reach of children.

Package Formats:

  • 25 kg bags