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Located in CALIFORNIA, USA incorporated in 1991. We are a company that produces Natural animal feed additives based on scientific research and clinical validation.  .

Our key personnel, with many years in the biotechnology and feed industry business, with extensive knowledge possess the skills and experience necessary for us to fulfill our main aim. That is, to make farming more profitable because farmers can now make precision decisions.

At present 70% of the market place uses antibiotics for animal production whether the animal is in need of antibiotics or not. With constant use of antibiotics, bacteria mutations occur and these residuals end up in the meats which humans consume. These residual deposits can be detrimental to our health. As a result, the industry is now moving in the direction of using products without antibiotics, probiotics.


Cenzone's technology –based and innovative specialty nutritional products are distributed and used by progressive and performance –driven meat, milk and egg producers in more than fifty countries.

In the year 2000 Cenzone Tech-Europe, was the first company to be approved by the European Union to distribute Yeasture W as a performance feed additives for cattle, swine and poultry.

All Cenzone products are based on different formulae and have different ingredient ratios.  Cenzone offers a comprehensive range of products to all sectors of the animal feed industry. All the products are specifically developed and formulated to optimize animal health, productivity and the profitability of their operations.





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